Coolidge (Descendents Cover)

by Distorted Signals

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Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time back in 1988, there was a tiny video rental store in Alpine California at the Creek Shopping Center. At a time when all the top skateboard companies were pumping out VHS videos as brilliant marketing tools, I of course would constantly beg my mom to rent every single one of them (along side a slew of corny ninja and martial arts movies). Inside Out, Bones Brigade, Future Primitive, Animal Chin, Wheels of Fire…I could type a pretty lengthy list right now. One of the skate videos that I would rent repeatedly was put out by the company Vision Streetwear. The video was called Psycho Skate. It had some footage of Tony Hawk, Gator, Christian Hosoi, and plenty of others. Oddly, the skating footage was just mediocre and mostly pulled from other already existing videos. It wasn’t the skating footage that compelled me to want to rent this video over and over. Rather, it was the music in the video. More specifically, it was one particular song that has resonated with me all these years and is still in regular rotation in my music library today. That song was Coolidge by The Descendents. During that time in my life, I was listening to a lot of TSOL, 7 Seconds and Dag Nasty. Edgy punk bands that had melodic sensibilities were hard to come by and each discovery was literally a treasure to me. At one point, I finally found a way to route the audio from the VHS player to my stereo cassette recorder and put the song on a mixtape so I didn’t have to ask my mom to rent the video for the 87th time. The song meant that much to me! Now, 27 years later, I decided to do a cover of this amazing tune under my solo music project I call Distorted Signals. Admittedly, my version stinks compared to the original and I probably took way too many liberties with the arrangement, but I did it nonetheless. It was purely out of love for the original song and the band The Descendents.


released September 27, 2015



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